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See laurennicolaisen.github.io! (Still a work in progress)

KhanCraft was built as part of Hackweek at Khan Academy -- the basic idea is to provide students with an opportunity to build something awesome using their math skills. Each of the different blocks corresponds with a different skill in a grade-level mission, and each of the different designs corresponds with a sub-section of the mission. 

Thus, for example, if you are in 3rd Grade and you complete the first design, you'll have completed the entire Multiplication and Division topic. If you complete the final spaceship design, you'll have completed the entire mission!

This is definitely a long way from complete, and I'd love to hear any ideas for improving it in the future. If you have any suggestions / comments, or if you want to submit any designs, e-mail me at lauren.nicolaisen@gmail.com!

Curious about the designs? Although any design will include a variety of problems from throughout the mission, each design focuses on a particular topic, listed below. Note that this only includes a portion of the total exercises available on Khan Academy.

3rd Grade
      • Penguin: Multiplication and Division
      • Puppy/Tree: Fractions
      • Halloween: Measurement and Geometry
      • Robot: Addition and Subtraction (+ Above)
      • Underwater: Expressions and Patterns (+ Above)
      • Spaceships: All of the Above

4th Grade
      • Penguin: Multiplication and Division
      • Puppy/Tree: Measurement and Data
      • Halloween: Fractions
      • Robot: Geometry (+ Above)
      • Underwater: Factors, Multiples, and Patterns (+ Above)
      • Spaceships: All of the Above

5th Grade
      • Penguin: Place Value and Decimals
      • Puppy/Tree: Fractions
      • Halloween: Measurement and Data
      • Robot: Geometry (+ Above)
      • Underwater: Algebraic Thinking (+ Above)
      • Spaceships: All of the Above

6th Grade
      • Penguin: Geometry
      • Puppy/Tree: Data and Statistics
      • Halloween: Ratios, Rates, and Percentages
      • Robot: Negative Numbers (+ Above)
      • Underwater: Variables and Expressions (+ Above)
      • Spaceships: All of the Above

7th Grade
      • Penguin: Statistics and Probability
      • Puppy/Tree: Geometry
      • Halloween: Variables and Expressions
      • Robot: Negative Numbers (+ Above)
      • Underwater: Rates and Proportional Relationships (+ Above)
      • Spaceships: All of the Above

8th Grade
      • Penguin: Numbers and Equations
      • Puppy/Tree: Geometry
      • Halloween: Systems of Equations
      • Robot: Data and Modeling (+ Above)
      • Underwater: Relationships and Functions (+ Above)
      • Spaceships: All of the Above

Much of this project was based off of an earlier Hackathon project, KhanQuest, built by Charles Marsh, Joel Burget, Zach Gotsch, Desmond Branch, Aria Toole, and Michelle Todd.  Their project is awesome, and they provided a ton of help in getting this all set up. I highly recommend their very awesome blog posts here and here.


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